Senior man working out with trainer and physical therapist

Meet PEAK Senior Living’s Leadership Team

Get to Know PEAK’s Values and Philosophy

We don’t take our clients’ trust lightly. One of the hallmarks of PEAK’s partnership is open communication and trust. We lead with heart and conviction, and our collaboration with your onsite community leadership teams allows us to partner with you and your residents to cultivate a thriving environment of health and wellness, while reducing falls, improving cognitive function, mental health, and wellbeing. 

PEAK’s partnership leverages customized solutions, onsite rehabilitation, and programming to empower residents at senior living communities to thrive and live their best life, wherever they are on their individual wellness journey.  


Our leadership team is spearheaded by talented individuals with a combined 58 years of experience in senior living. Many have been a part of the Functional Pathways family for more than 10 years. 

Kathryn Wyatt, Divisional Vice President

Kathryn began her career with Functional Pathways as a Speech-Language Pathologist, receiving her MBA from Tennessee Tech University in 2020. After holding several other management positions within Functional Pathways over the past 11 years, she currently serves as the Divisional Vice President of PEAK Senior Living, a division dedicated to outpatient therapy with onsite rehabilitation and wellness services. Kathryn’s goal within the senior living industry has always been to create a collaborative environment with partners to improve the lives of residents within their communities. She is passionate about engaging residents, older adults, partners, and employees to reach their peak. In her free time she loves to hang out with her boys, play golf, go boating in the summer with family and helps her friends run ultramarathons.

Kelly Grieco, Vice President of National Accounts

Kelly brings 20 years of business-to-business sales experience presenting to C-Suite executives and is a certified sales coach. She has seven years’ experience in the senior living industry, previously working for Springport Senior Living and Bayada Senior Living Solutions. Kelly is a member of Argentum’s Women in Leadership Group and is a former Bridge The Gap Ambassador. Outside of work, Kelly loves spending time with her daughter and two dogs. She also enjoys skiing, traveling, and living a healthy lifestyle. 


Our PEAK Promise is we will collaborate to create engaged and empowered residents thriving within your community. We are known for our strategic and communicative approach to helping residents thrive, even as their needs transition throughout the continuum of care. We strive to exceed your expectations, supporting your community leadership teams to engage and empower seniors at every stage. 

PEAK’s data-driven approach informs resident success, as well as additional services residents and staff can benefit from, all with the goal of improving active living and wellbeing. Our corporate and regional teams are intimately involved in supporting onsite leadership, ensuring your staff and residents feel engaged and valued. 

The core of our culture is represented in the values that we live by—relationships, responsibility, self-improvement, commitment, innovation, and passion

These 21 Functional Fundamentals are infused in every area of our business, and it showcases our values in action as we work together to serve others, including your communities, facilities, staff, and residents. 


  1. Get clear on expectations 
  2. Deliver outstanding results
  3. Invest in relationships
  4. Embrace change
  5. Support coworkers as they strive to support clients
  6. Take responsibility
  7. Keep it fun
  8. Practice blameless problem-solving
  9. Be a life-long learner
  10. Deliver legendary customer service 
  11. Resolve problems internally 
  12. Be efficient
  13. Show gratitude and appreciation
  14. Do what you say you’re going to do
  15. Treat your coworkers like family 
  16. Inspect what you expect
  17. Make quality personal 
  18. Bring-It every day 
  19. Use resources wisely
  20. Be relentless about improvement 
  21. Be a fanatic about response time

What Our Clients Are Saying

“They worked very hard, were extremely professional, sweet and kind. Very nurturing individuals and were fantastic!”

“Therapists are knowledgeable and approach therapy sessions with continuing plans.”

“Service was exceptional as always.”

“Therapists were outstanding in motivating me to continue exercises on my own. As a result, I feel much better physically and mentally.”