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Scaling the Summit Together for Improved Therapy Outcomes

Exploring PEAK’s Performance as Your Wellness Provider

Our therapy and wellness options attract new residents to your community while also increasing the wellbeing and health of existing residents. PEAK’s therapy offerings can increase your competitive advantage in the market, while increasing occupancy and empowering residents to thrive and reap the benefits of therapy and wellness. 

When partnered at your community or facility, PEAK Senior Living consistently sees overall improvements in cognitive function, mental health, wellbeing, and a lowered risk of falls. Senior health care is more than just clinical aspects of an individual’s life, rather it incorporates wellness and therapy to increase longevity and enhance quality of life.  

100% of residents improve after therapy
100% of residents are satisfied with therapy programs
100% of clients would refer or recommend PEAK
95% of our partners meet or exceed quality benchmarks for quarterly compliance audits
45% reduction in resident falls and falls with a major injury

What Our Clients Are Saying

“They worked very hard, were extremely professional, sweet and kind. Very nurturing individuals and were fantastic!”

“Therapists are knowledgeable and approach therapy sessions with continuing plans.”

“Service was exceptional as always.”

“Therapists were outstanding in motivating me to continue exercises on my own. As a result, I feel much better physically and mentally.”