PEAK Wellness Offers Powerful Possibilities

Reduce Falls and Improve Cognition with
Senior Outpatient Therapy

Once upon a time, healthcare for senior communities was the predominant talking point and emphasis. Today, older adults are embracing wellness and ways to increase their independence. Wellness involves many dimensions and is more than just taking care of your health. A holistic view of wellness incorporates the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual elements, working together to create opportunities for whole-person health and healing. 

PEAK Senior Living implements a robust wellness program to benefit residents’ health and wellbeing, empowering seniors to thrive in every dimension of life. Core components of the wellness services include:    

  • Health and Fitness Tests with Data Tracking
  • Individualized and Group programs
  • Wellness Consults
  • Program Attendance and Tracking
  • Program Assessment
  • 4 Life Plans – Live Smart, Live Well, Live Connected, Live Virtual
  • Education and Lecture Series
  • Complimentary Fitness Tests
  • National Director of Wellness support

What Our Clients Are Saying

“They worked very hard, were extremely professional, sweet and kind. Very nurturing individuals and were fantastic!”

“Therapists are knowledgeable and approach therapy sessions with continuing plans.”

“Service was exceptional as always.”

“Therapists were outstanding in motivating me to continue exercises on my own. As a result, I feel much better physically and mentally.”