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7 Dimensions of Wellness Enhances Everyday
Life for Seniors

PEAK Wellness (formerly Pathways to Wellness) is PEAK Senior Living’s solution to help residents thrive. The program is designed to ensure participants maintain the highest practical level of function and independence to protect and improve residents’ health and wellness needs. PEAK offers educational and exercise programs tailored to maintain functional mobility, independence and improve overall quality of life. A thriving and sustainable wellness program is crucial to resident wellbeing. PEAK can provide the necessary tools and systems to effectively implement a robust wellness program, empowering residents to engage and thrive in community.

  • Maintain Mobility
  • Enhance Independence 
  • Reduce Falls
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Motivation Alliance Tracking for Individuals
  • Maintain Mental Sharpness
  • Engage in Social Activities

What Our Clients Are Saying

“They worked very hard, were extremely professional, sweet and kind. Very nurturing individuals and were fantastic!”

“Therapists are knowledgeable and approach therapy sessions with continuing plans.”

“Service was exceptional as always.”

“Therapists were outstanding in motivating me to continue exercises on my own. As a result, I feel much better physically and mentally.”