PEAK’s Kathryn Wyatt Featured on Bridge The Gap Podcast

PEAK Senior Living’s Divisional Vice President Kathryn Wyatt appeared on the Bridge The Gap podcast to discuss how PEAK supports seniors’ wellness and enhanced quality of life. 

Improving health and longevity are important goals that empower seniors to live well in their golden years. Kathryn highlighted PEAK’s role in supporting seniors as they move throughout the continuum of care, providing contract outpatient therapy services, including physical, speech and occupational therapies. In addition to therapy, PEAK provides a robust wellness program that clients can infuse into their communities to further support residents’ longevity and quality outcomes.  

PEAK specializes in creating programs and services that are tailored to each individual, partnering with community team members and empowering seniors to thrive. These customized offerings enhance quality of life, improve cognition, and reduce falls. 

Learn more about how PEAK can tailor a custom outpatient therapy and wellness program for your community here.